Steven Forrest Apprenticeship Program


The Blue Sky Ranch community hosts this extraordinary astrology program at a conference center located in Alpine, California (east San Diego county.)

Blue Sky Ranch - Steven Forrest AP ProgramJoin us for an intriguing four-day astrology intensive with world-renowned evolutionary astrologer, Steven Forrest, in his unique and intimate astrology apprenticeship program. Steven’s teaching style is a combination of lecture and discussion, utilizing the charts and experiences of class participants.

For those seeking professional astrology credentials, this class counts 4 credits towards Steven Forrest’s astrologer certification program.


May 16-19, 2019

Jupiter, Saturn and Their Ancient Dance

“Lucky” Jupiter and “unlucky” Saturn – that attitude toward these two massive planets, while extremely common among conventional astrologers, has created an enormous amount of confusion. Glowing promises about Jupiter have often led only to disappointment, while baleful predictions about Saturn have often actually manifested as “Great Works” reflecting enormous productivity, inspiration and achievement. Like everything else in astrology, each of these planets can be used for positive evolutionary purposes – and, when aligned with human folly, each one can lead to catastrophe.

In this four-day program, we will explore this dyadic pair of planets, understanding their higher meanings, their potential pitfalls, and above all, their archetypal interdependency. We will consider them in the context of the natal chart as well as in terms of transits and solar arcs, along with what to expect when they are triggered by progressions. We will also pay particular attention to their impending alignment in the year 2020 – a subject that will soon play a major role in all of our lives.

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Cost: $550 includes full lunch and breakfast snacks all four days and dinner celebration Saturday night.

Workshop Times: 9:00-5:00pm all four days.

To Register Contact: Paula

*Recommended Reading for this program: The Inner Sky

This workshop is worth 4 Credits towards certification.

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