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Nov 1-4, 2018


The Blue Sky Ranch community hosts this extraordinary astrology program at a conference center located in Alpine, California (east San Diego county.)

Blue Sky Ranch - Steven Forrest AP ProgramJoin us for an intriguing four-day astrology intensive with world-renowned evolutionary astrologer, Steven Forrest, in his unique and intimate astrology apprenticeship program. Steven’s teaching style is a combination of lecture and discussion, utilizing the charts and experiences of class participants.

For those seeking professional astrology credentials, this class counts 4 credits towards Steven Forrest’s astrologer certification program.

The November 2018 program topic is When The Karmic Wave Breaks: Transits, Progressions and Solar Arcs of the Nodal Axis

Topic description from Steven Forrest:

The Moon’s south node represents karma that has ripened. That means it will definitely manifest in this lifetime – but exactly when? The answer lies with a particular family of transits, progressions and solar arcs, each with their own personality and purpose. Studying them in depth is the purpose of the November meeting of our Apprenticeship Program. We’ll look at the transits and solar arcs of the nodal axis itself, but that is only a small part of the picture. We also need to consider progressions, arcs and major transits through aspects to the nodes and to the rulers of those nodes, along with the motions of the rulers themselves. It is a complex and busy picture in other words – and whenever any of these triggers arrive, it is as if we saying to the universe, “Set it up again. I want another shot at it.” We meet the situations – and often the people – we met before. Will that mean breakthrough – or the repetition of old patterns? Astrological wisdom can tilt the table in the right direction. 

By the way, to get maximum value from this presentation, please be aware of the basics of nodal analysis, from an evolutionary astrology perspective, as it relates to the birth chart. We will assume that you have that foundation.

~ Steven Forrest

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Cost: $500 includes full lunch and breakfast snacks all four days and dinner celebration Saturday night.

Workshop Times: 9:00-5:00pm all four days.

To Register Contact: Paula

Recommended Reading for this program, books by Steven Forrest including: The Inner Sky, The Changing Sky and Yesterday’s Sky.

This workshop is worth 4 Credits towards certification.

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