Steven Forrest Astrology Program ~ May 17-20, 2018

Event details

  • Thursday | May 17, 2018 to Sunday | May 20, 2018
  • 9:00 am
  • Alpine, CA

Steven Forrest Astrology Apprenticeship Program
May 17-20, 2018


The Blue Sky Ranch community hosts this extraordinary astrology program at a conference center located in Alpine, California (east San Diego county).

Blue Sky Ranch - Steven Forrest AP ProgramJoin us for an intriguing four-day astrology intensive with world-renowned evolutionary astrologer, Steven Forrest, in his unique and intimate astrology apprenticeship program. Steven’s teaching style is a combination of lecture and discussion, utilizing the charts and experiences of class participants.

For those seeking professional astrology credentials, this class counts 4 credits towards Steven Forrest’s astrologer certification program.


The May 2018 program topic is The Moon’s North Node – Our Homeward Path

Topic description:

Sometimes an astrologer can get so mesmerized by the process of bringing a past life story to sharp focus via the analysis of the south node of the Moon that he or she almost forgets about the north node! That’s like diagnosing an illness but then forgetting to prescribe the medicine. The north node is where the answers lie. Like the north star, it guides us across life’s dark oceans, revealing the fresh path of energy, healing breakthrough, and evolution. An understanding of it is perhaps the single most precious catalyst astrology can provide for anyone. In this program, we will consider the north node’s message in terms of each of the signs and houses, along with the critical role of its planetary ruler and any aspects involved.

By the way, to get maximum value from this presentation, please be aware of the basics of south node analysis. We will assume that you have that foundation.

~ Steven Forrest

Click here for cost and registration information.

Cost: $500 includes full lunch and breakfast snacks all four days and dinner celebration Saturday night.

Workshop Times: 9:00-5:00pm all four days.

To Register Contact: Paula

Recommended Reading for this program, books by Steven Forrest including: The Inner Sky and Yesterday’s Sky.

This workshop is worth 4 Credits towards certification.

You can learn more about the program on the Astrology page of Blue Sky Ranch:
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